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Diane Moore-Eubanks JD PhD CDSE CDKA


I was born under humble circumstances June 15, 1963 to Charles A. Moore Order of Distinction and Bernice Moore, Masters of Science in Kingston Jamaica. I was raised in a protestant christian home and completed my primary and secondary schooling at Holy Childhood School, a parochial institution. My father was born very poor but with excellent principles and values. As such, he saw the value of education and ensured that although he didn’t have more than a middle school education that my mother and his children would attend the best schools possible. Accordingly, he started his own business, Moore’s Transport Services and ensured that each of his six children as well as his wife earned from Diplomas to Doctoral degrees.


The Moore family remains stalwarts of education. My mother retired after 50 years teaching in classrooms from secondary to college professor level. My sister Denise Moore-Ebhohimen DDS is a professor of Dentistry at the University of Technology and Natalie Moore, another sibling, heads the mathematics department at Meadowbrook High School. Attorney Andrea Moore, my law partner, Moore Eubanks Moore in Kingston, and Past President. Kiwanis New Kingston, has been instrumental in setting up educational opportunities for disadvantaged children through her organization. My brothers, Dwight and Christopher operate stellar businesses throughout the Caribbean region. With the Moore family’s strong educational beliefs I started teaching 1986 after matriculation from Florida State University with BSc. Chemical Science minor Biology Magna Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa and University of Florida with a Florida Teacher Certificate. I attended Georgetown Law Center and completed ny Juris Doctor degree and became barred in the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania as well as Norman Manley Law School and was licensed to practice in Jamaica. I have since been honored with the title Ambassador, CDSE and CDKA as well as the letters of Humanities PhD in Public Education.


My legal career started 20 years ago as an intern at Black Entertainment Television under Attorney Deborah Lee (current President of BET). I then worked full-time at the Department of Navy as an Assistant General Counsel until I was assigned to the Clinton White House as a vetter for Cabinet members such as Secretary of State, Madeline Albright and Secretary of Defense. I left Government service to run successful offices in Maryland, DC and Virginia. Devastated from the real estate market crash I had to reassess how I had personally structured my own financial house. It was then that I began my journey of self-analysis because my entire real estate legal career had suddenly collapsed.


I took off several years as a stay-at-home mom to raise our young family and recover from the fiscal blow dealt by the stock market crash that left me, my husband, Willis and millions of Americans devastated. With all the children Sudan, Cairo and Dakar enrolled full-time in school I had to identify an industry and career path that would allow me to utilize my strong educational foundation, faithful relationship with God, a love to help others and the ministries of Law and Teaching. After rigorous research and consulting with industry giants in financial services and business like Alberto Alexander, Joe Reid, Anthony Stewart and Damon Moats I initiated my financial services career journey through the certification process. The next step was to identify an organization that reflected my ministry to help middle-income American families achieve financial freedom and teach them how to build legacy for current and future generations. 


This final step was accomplished when I partnered with Stewart Financial Services and the co-authors of this book, Rich Rossi, Barbara Bolcavage and Anthony Stewart and the rest has been history. Looking back I realize that I learned valuable lessons of business and finance from the stock market crash. I had been a mortgage specialist, real estate agent, attorney, title agent, business woman and financial professional. I had witnessed firsthand that not only does the Caribbean community lack an understanding of money and investing, but my American friends of all races, colors and creed lacked it as well. In conducting my in-home presentations as well as large seminars I had discovered that regardless of background my audience had not been taught at home, school or work how to save and invest, nor how money works. That’s when my passion to educate kicked in and I decided I would make a difference. I became a student of my industry, found an astounding mentor in Mr. Anthony Stewart and educated myself about different types of programs and the best ways to save and invest without risking my client’s money.


I am proud to tell you that not one of our clients at American Classic Agency lost a single penny who diversified their investments with programs you will learn about in this highly educational financial book when the stock market crashed and the DOW went down to 6,500 from a high of 14,000. And due to our special product lines, as the market started to go back up my clients made money, unlike so many others who are still trying to just break even. My company has taught me how to provide the most valuable benefits for mortgage protection, tax free retirement, life insurance with health benefits, long term care and income my clients cannot outlive. During my journey in business, law, education and finances I have met some stellar financial experts. Three of them are the authors of this book, “Saving Middle America, Securing Financial Dreams.” This book in my opinion is the most comprehensive, easy to understand, financial advice source anywhere. With it we have the opportunity to take advantage of the expertise and personal experience of Rich, Barbara and Anthony who I am proud to say are my business associates.


I want to encourage you to take the time to read this book, educate yourself and use it as a reference to prepare securing your financial future. It is important to understand that no one is going to take care of your future and the future will not take care of itself. Each of us, especially us women, who co-author Barbara Bolcavage addresses in the book to become empowered to learn and have our own programs, so we do not become a statistic and end up in poverty during our golden years. We need to take action, today! It is easy to fear what we do not understand. So I say today, do not be afraid. I am here to help. Together we can proceed to take small steps that will make a big difference for safety, security and sound financial planning. It does not matter how much money you have or how little. What matters is you develop a plan to take you where you want to go, a plan that will provide you financial security, and a plan that will secure your financial dreams


Together, let’s begin TODAY!

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