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Diane, otherwise known as the “Global Financial Doctor”  is a sought after speaker whom is an associate producer with Global Culture TV where she is the host of Comcast cable channel 77 TV show, the FINANCIAL DOCTOR. Currently, she is touring the United States and Caribbean countries where she has licenses to provide FINANCIAL TRANSFORMATIONAL COACHING via real estate workshops, financial advisement workshops, seminars and individual consultations.

Diane is available to speak nationally and internationally on Real Estate Investment, IRAs, Financial Services, Savings, Financial Transformation and Retirement through her Financial Empowerment Award & Coaching Tour and P.R.A.I.S.E unit while providing Financial Transformational coaching.

Global Financial Doctor

Founder, Golden Empowerment Financial Tour


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"The greater our love of service, the greater our blessings, the stronger our communities, our ability to transform mindsets and ultimately build a legacy of wealth" - Global Financial Doctor