Karatbars International was founded in 2011. The company specializes in the sale of small gold bars and gift items in gold bullion.


Our clients are primarily individuals, families, consumers and traders. We value every clients of Karatbars and will align our company to serve our clients and their needs to the best of our  bility. Our customer base is supported by the efforts of our affiliate partners around the world. The trust of our clients is very important to us. We must earn our clients trust every day. We place ourselves in the position of the customer with the intent of acting swiftly with open communication and offer fair solutions when needed. We strive consistently to provide the utmost professional customer service and will always be critical of our performance in this area or lack of. Our customers should expect to be treated with respect and any concerns should be handled competently, quickly and fairly.


The headquarters and the logistics center of the company is located in Stuttgart. It is responsible for the support, marketing, customer and partner communication, execution and delivery of orders. Headquarter also co-ordinates the launch of new countries throughout Europe.

The Karatbars International offers its customers several storage options:

  • Storage Prosegur (free) - Frankfurt Neu-Isenburg
  • Storage Switzerland (charged) - A direct contract with the Swiss company
  • Storage Singapore (charged) - A direct contract with the Singapore company
  • Deliveries in smaller quantities are packaged under video surveillance at the home of Karatbars International and shipped via FedEx daily.


Why small gold bars?
Money affects our daily lives. Who has a little, wants more of it. Anyone who already has money wants to secure and protect it. But how? Take advantage of the secret of the wealthy. Gold has been known 2,600 years ago-but on the whole world recognized only in ingot form for payment in 194 countries around the world.

Why exchange into gold?

Monetary gold bullion in small units the only and best insurance if something unexpected happens in our lives. Monetary gold bullion cannot go bust. Monetary gold bullion can never be worthless. Monetary gold bars are the best way of securing value when everything "goes down the drain," monetary gold bullion can never be worthless.

Monetary gold bullion in small units can easily switch piecemeal into other values, or goods, which is impossible with large units.

Karatbars refinery has one of the world's best gold bullion certificates for your security. The gold bars are welded in the form of a credit card. On the back there is a hologram. Whether you hold the cards in boiling water, dig them or they are exposed to the forces of nature, the certificate remains in its original form. Therefore, you will receive a lifetime right to exchange Karatbars in the unlikely event that the certificate becomes corrupted.

Gold bullions in the smallest units guarantee you ...
... obtaining an absolute value.
... a profit in case of anything created by humans will be forfeited.
... a profit compared to paper currency, gold bullion know because no inflation.
... always act in 194 countries around the world.
... a crisis-free investment.
... preserving value, Gold does not rust and gold remains over millennia beautifully shiny.

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