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Cairo Eubanks
A young visionary that has an unrecognizable grace that is far beyondher years.  Born April 15, 1995, and growing up in Silver Springs, Maryland to parents that are highly educated and accomplished professionals, there is no question that this young lady is destined for nothing but greatness.

Cairo’s desire to excel academically is a generational blessing from her grandparents to her parents. Her first role model is her father, Dr. Willis Eubanks Jr., the first African American Biochemistry undergraduate to matriculate from Florida State University.  Her mother is her foundation and an individual who has set high standards for her.  Dr. Diane Moore-Eubanks graduated from Florida State University, BSc in Chemical Science and minoring in Biology Magna Cum Laude.  An accomplished lawyer of over 20 years she  completed her Juris Doctorate Degree from Georgetown Law Center as well as Norman Manley Law School.

Loving to learn and help others she taught fellow kindergarteners to read. While attending Paint Branch High School in Burtonsville, Maryland, maintaining a 3.7 GPA, she was the President of the French Club and Vice President of the International Club. During high school she accomplished more than the above average teenager.  Spending time as a member of both the Principals Exclusive Leadership Group and the Black Coffee Society which raised conversations about the issues and topics concerning African American women.  In the autumn of 2012, at the age of 16, she maintained the position of Vice President of Women of Entrepreneurs of America, D.C. Chapter.  Served as the Co-Host of cable television show The Financial Doctor, Filmed Public Service Announcements on behalf Global Culture Media, the Global Diaspora Event (U.S. State Department, 2012).

Cairo certainly identifies with young people who have had to struggle. When the real estate market fell drastically in 2007 and her parents lost all their businesses, home and everything she had known all her life Cairo was devastated. During the next four years as her parents tried to establish new careers, income, housing Cairo felt her parents financial struggles and had to do without many of the necessities of life. Through her faith and belief in God and the love of her family she was able to pull through this desolate and trying period. It was then while living in Jamaica temporarily that she really witnessed suffering of the less fortunate on a national level and realized how well she was doing compared to others. It was during this time in Jamaica that she learned to help her younger siblings and really grew very strong and resilient.

In the summer of 2013, her passion for the global condition continued to blossom.  Cairo acted as Project Manager Intern and organized community events for the “Save Ten Mile Creek Save Ten Mile Creek Coalition – the last best creek which provides and essential source of water to Montgomery County. Co-coordinating volunteers, preparing and executing the campaigns budget as well fundraising efforts which created a means for volunteers to be compensated for their time. During the rally to save the creek, Cairo was exhilarated by the energy at the event and became an impromptu speaker on radio, press and television. This is what she had to say about that experience, “These heartfelt speeches inspired me to speak up…and speak from the heart. Once I heard about the initiative, I had no choice but to become proactive to save our last best creek. I believe this not only because I am a citizen of the Montgomery County, but a citizen of the world, the environment.”

Groomed for success by her parents from an early age, Cairo earned the title, Her Excellency as as Youth Ambassador-at-large through World of Life Ministries International, an NGO in consultative status through the United Nations. She often serves as the Mistress of Ceremonies for the graduation convocations of the CICA-International University and Seminary.

After competing in a nation-wide competition Youth Ambassador Cairo Eubanks was unanimously selected to represent flagship Speaking, Coaching & Mentoring Institution, Marksetters International www.marksetters.com as their Youth Division Global Spokesperson. Under the Marksetters International Platform Ms. Eubanks will be serving as the Mistress of Ceremonies as well as coaching and mentoring at monthly Financial Empowerment Tours. Currently she is training with world reknown Tranformational Coach Dr. Helen Dela' Houssaye-Clay, CEO of Marksetters International in preparation for their rigorous Global Summer Speakers Tour.

This eloquent young speaker and coach enjoys speaking into the lives of other young people, especially young women influencing them to strive higher. She is currently working on authoring her upcoming series of books, the first entitled, “Cairo’s 13 Steps to a Wealthy Teenage Mindset.”

Cairo is an impressive lady that has a strong desire to affect change in the world from a sociological perspective to the spiritual understanding of self. Currently, attending Cornell College she is studying International Relations.  As a freshman she is already excelling and making the Dean’s List with Honors, earning a 3.6 GPA during her first semester and assured to do the same as second semester winds down to a close.

In addition to her studies, Cairo keeps herself busy by actively participating as a member of the French   Club, Black History Month Committee Member in which in 2014 organized a week long celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King’s achievements as well as remembering the Civil Rights Movements, Race Relations, and how these events shaped our world to present.  As if freshman college life wasn’t challenging enough, Cairo already has made an impact on her college community as well as the social network of Mount Vernon.  During the fall of 2013, she travelled with 13 fellow students as a Colorado Service Trip Member aiding flood relief in Lyons and Estes Park.  In the winter of 2014, she personally organized a Clothing Drive that donated over 200 pounds of clothing and winter coats to Bridgehaven, an organization that assists pregnant women and mothers.  Additionally, she is a contributor to the Cornellian, the school newspaper, writing for the culture section.

Cairo is a “thinker”, passionate about making an impact on the global society. When asked what she wanted to do once completing her studies, she answers thoughtfully – considering what impact she can affect on the world around her. She has a strong desire to experience firsthand the cultures of other people.  She looks forward to studying abroad after her undergraduate studies.  She says, “Having only visited the Caribbean, I can’t wait to travel to Europe, especially France and also submerge myself into the culture, languages, traditions and spirituality of West Africa.  I marvel at the beauty of other countries and people from other places and learning how they live.”

As a freshman in college she is soaking up every experience of self-expression and self-discovery,  expanding her horizons before settling into a definite career choice. She is following in her mother’s footsteps and pursuing a career in International Law – “Really excited about the possibilities!” As well as she is thrilled to travel the world on behalf of Marksetters International.

She is a dedicated big sister. She is the oldest of three.  “I miss them dearly while at college. That is the one thing that is hard about being away in college, is being apart from my younger sister and brother.”. Her younger brother is her confidant and best friend. There is a spiritual connection that is deeper than brother and sister.  Her baby sister is her heart taking care of her and nurturing her when she was small, Cairo learned life lessons of responsibility and maturity. She really wants to set the example for them to do great things and strives to continue to have her parent proud of her.

Cairo is an avid reader, her favorite books include The Invisible Man, by 20th century writer and scholar, Ralph Ellison and The Autobiography of Malcom X as told to Alex Haley. Extremely analytical and with an keen sense of perspective when reading intriguing works of literature such as Beloved,  by Noble Prize and Pulitzer Prize winning American Novelist,  Toni Morrison.  Her hobbies include “thrifting” the art of finding vintage treasures in thrift stores, loving the hunt and the suspense of what unique item she can find.  She loves her hair- her locks are a statement of personal expression and individuality.


Since she loves all things France, she enjoys watching French movies and is proud to be able to watch them without subtitles. She loves music, singing and dancing. She says “I have been dancing since I was in the womb. My love for all genres of music enables me to connect with different people on so many levels.”  ”

Lastly, Cairo is a trained actress, model, dancer and singer from the age of 8 years. She has travelled to New York to perform in the widely acclaimed and prestigious IMTA competitions and won several medals in the areas of modeling and acting.  In 2007 Cairo was discovered by Will Smith's New York team and invited audition for a recurring role in "All of Us" as the lead character's daughter as well as offered several contracts to move to Los Angeles, CA. Her parents decided that a grounded education and stable environment would be best until college. At 18 years old Cairo resumed her path to acting and most recently trained with world famous Disney casting director Jen Rudin in New York.  Marksetters International has agreed to  become part of Cairo's management team for future Performing Arts  opportunities.

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