Dakar Eubanks

Dakar is an exceptional young man, hailing from Silver Spring, MD. Born into a family of leaders, Dakar has led both outside of the basketball court and academically.
An honor roll student, Mr. Eubanks has been able to manage both his school work and sportsmanship, having played basketball on the Junior Varsity team Freshman and Sophomore Year at Paint Branch High School. He started both years.
A prodigy, he has studied under basketball greats even at such a young age. He trained with renowned basketball coach, Stu Vetter, from elementary school. He also studied with then-highschool players, Greivis Vasquez and Kevin Durant, now NBA basketball players for the Toronto Raptors and Oklahoma City. A Junior at Everglades High School, he was scouted by Varsity coaches to attend the school and join their basketball team. He is currently a small Forward on the Everglades Raptors Varsity team.
Dakar has aspirations to study Engineering after high school. He is passionate about learning, and hopes that his contributions to academia and to the game of basketball will inspire others to follow his path of being both a scholar and an athlete. 



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